Community Engagement Workgroup

The Community Engagement Workgroup is a diverse group of individuals who live and work in the 9 communities surrounding the member institutions of the CGRVC. With deep knowledge of their communities and the health concerns of residents, the CEW is an integral part of the community-based research process.


The Community Engagement Workgroup is chaired by Camille Williamson (Adler University) and Jess Lynch (Illinois Public Health Institute, IPHI). The Community Engagement Workgroup is focused on how we can learn more from community members and practitioners about how to research and address issues and root causes of gun violence in Chicago.

Between September 2016 and April 2018, the Community Engagement Workgroup developed a guiding research framework (see figures 1 and 2) by gathering input from community members and community residents about the principles and activities laid out in that framework. The Community Engagement Workgroup addresses factors such as community relationships with researchers and institutes, community forums that have evoked pain, and ultimately how to take a more respectful and thoughtful approach to gaining their insight and reflections about the topic of gun violence and the practice of research.