Vision, Goals & Guiding Principles


Adoption of a community-driven research framework that leads to the development of interventions that advance equity and social justice and have a greater impact on the incidence of gun violence in Chicago. 


Research activism based on our guiding principles that leads to sustainable and positive change.  

Guiding Principles: 

  • Commitment to addressing the structural causes of violence

  • Equitable and fully transparent distribution of resources between researchers and communities.

  • Partnership and reciprocity

  • Work collaboratively and collectively with those on the ground in communities. 

  • Collaboratively elevate, evaluate, and expand upon what is already working in communities. 

  • Use of community driven and community owned cross-sectoral approaches. 

  • Promote active involvement of community residents and pathways to careers in research. 

  • Data-driven decision making. 

  • Make research and evaluation findings easily accessible to communities. 

  • Sustained transformative change. 

  • Funding based on the needs identified by communities