The CGVRC Graduate Student Fellowship builds the capacity of graduate students to address gun violence throughout their professional lives. The Fellowship is a 15-week program that brings together student fellows (graduate students from Chicago-based universities) and faculty fellows (professors and public health professionals) to:  

  • Understand the root causes of gun violence and initiatives to address these root causes, from a public health perspective, through an ongoing discourse across the fellowship

  • Learn from a network of leading gun violence scholars, advocates, and stakeholders through presentations and discussions

  • Collaborate on faculty-fellow teams to develop, implement, and disseminate an applied research project related to gun violence

Here are six fellow profiles that describe past fellows and their reflections on gun violence. 

Paris A. Thomas

Fellow   |    Northern Illinois University

Lucia H. Garcia

Fellow   |    Loyola University Chicago

Kreena Patel

Fellow   |    Northwestern University

Anabelen Diaz

Fellow   |    University of Illinois at Chicago

Anabelen Diaz.jpg

Jacob Avraham

Fellow   |    Cook County Hospital

Michelle S. Gad

Fellow   |    Adler University

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