This section provides research conducted by CGVRC graduate student fellows (with the guidance and support of faculty fellows).


Gun Violence in Chicago Uncovering Root

Alice Burgess, Terry Williams, and Harrison Pidgeon   |    Health Equities & Social Justice Conference 

This poster presentation, presented on August 2019, describes themes from key informant interviews conducted with community stakeholders of gun violence in Chicago. Results of this work were also featured in an interview on Chicago Tonight. 


Noam Ostrander, Alice Burgess, Terry Williams, and Dan Schober.   |    Health Equity & Social Justice Conference 

This was the closing panel talk from the 2019 Health Equity and Social Justice conference. Panelists discuss lessons learned from the Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative.


32. Identifying perceptions of gun viole

Myles Castro and Dan Schober   |   Center for Community Health Equity

To better understand gun violence on the community level, the Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative conducted key informant interviews with community leaders in four Chicago communities impacted by gun violence. Interviews focused on community perceptions and possible solutions for addressing gun violence in Chicago. Analysis of the interviews were presented, followed by a discussion with a panel of community leaders. 


27. Castro (2018) Image for website.png

Myles Castro, Dan Schober, Fernando De Maio, and Christopher Ahmed   |    American Public Health Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo

This poster presentation describes the CGVRC’s approach to conducting research and leading social action to address and prevent gun violence. 



Daniel Schober, Maureen Benjamins, Nazia Saiyed, Bijou Hunt, and Sharon Homan   |    American Public Health Association Conference

For this upcoming oral presentation (at the American Public Health Association, October, 2020) we will compare homicide mortality and racial disparities in mortality across the largest (26) cities in the US and discuss policy implications at the city-level. 


Samuel Bunting, Maureen Benjamins, and Sharon Homan  

This policy brief examines federal, state, and local gun laws, and their relevance to reducing the toll of gun violence in Chicago and improving the safety of all Chicagoans, particularly in light of research demonstrating that firearm laws directly correlate with death rates.

Veronica Fitzpatrick, Jackie Jacobs, Myles Castro and Maureen Shields  

In this report, SUHI Evaluator, Veronica Fitzpatrick completed an extensive study of nonfatal gun violence trends at Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH) and the experience of patients at MSH and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and their transition back into community settings, as well as recommendations for strengthening care and reducing trauma. 


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